Country: Sweden
Title: Stormgoat
Label: Iron Blood Death Corp.
Year: 2016
Style: Hard'n'Heavy

The band name, the cover artwork and the label this album is released on gave me the impression I was about to deal with a Black Metal material, but I was far from the truth. Stormgoat, although made of musicians coming from the Extreme Metal field (and that's quite obvious), plays a dirty kind of Hard'n'Heavy, a mix between AC/DC and Iron Maiden with the rawness and dirtiness of Motorhead, I guess a weekend fun thing for its three members. It's not a band material at all, some of the tracks are quite catchy and would be perfect for a night out drinking and having fun with friends, or for a moto festival, but it's far from what the masters of this genre did some decades ago, and most of them are still doing it in style. The vocals don't raise up to the necessary level for fans of this genre to embrace it properly, then the somehow psychedelic passages that pop up here and there (track 5 especially) are quite boring, so those would be my complaints, but the guitar part is groovy as hell, the bass lines are excellent, and the drumming, although nothing complex or demanding, keep things heavy all the time. It's obvious this is just a fun thing, and I'm sure they do have a lot of fun playing in this project beside their "regular" bands, but it still needs something more I think. Anyway, with all this current revival thing going on I wouldn't be surprised to see them reaching cult status in certain circles though...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10