Country: Germany
Title: Perdition
Label: Sol Records
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

I was not familiar with this band (actually a one man project) at all before this, so the un-German (is this even a word?) sounding vocals made me curious about it. Indeed the man behind this moniker, N., seems to be a Czech living in Germany nowadays, and he seems to combine multiple languages (not sure if this is the truth as there are no lyrics in the CD booklet) but use Czech mostly. I've also listened to the previous release, Hrana, Vindorn's 2013 EP, to better understand where the project is heading to, and I can clearly say there's a huge improvement in production; the drum programming was absolutely terrible on Hrana, but on this debut album they are perfect sounding, oppressive, tight, complex. The compositions hide plenty of surprising elements from Pagan inserts (3rd track) to dense Mgla-like parts, to subtle guitar-made melodies here and there, but the overall impression is perfectly given by the title and cover artwork, a tragic, desperate feeling of loss and, oh well, perdition. Very solid effort, well-worth your half an hour (multiple times, you'll see)!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10