Country: Belgium
Title: Cult(ist)
Label: Independent
Year: 2018
Style: Experimental Death Metal

I still remember reviewing this band's debut EP about 4 years ago and that's a cool sign for an inattentive guy like I am. Here's the one man band Squidhead turn into a three-piece line-up band in the meantime and offering their debut full-length album to the World with intent of also promoting it live at some point, which will be, of course, a big step forward for a band that has such an intersting image to show (check out their pics). Talking about this album we're dealing with 8 tracks presented as Industrial Death Metal, although I'd say they are some sort of Melodic and Modern Death Metal with influences from Groove Metal, Progressive Metal, a hint of Black Metal, a hint of Electro and even some Industrial indeed thrown inthere, that's why I'd label it as Experimental Death Metal, it's a mutation of this genre in various and uncontained directions that keep things fresh and interesting after all. Still after a couple of spins I'd say something's missing, maybe the vocals become monotone after a while, maybe this genre simply doesn't bring anything shocking to the table anymore (at least for my taste), I couldn't pinpoint it, but I clearly feel the album is a step forward but not as much as it should have been and the band is still at a "very good potential" level. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10