Country: Russia
Title: The Antagonist
Label: Cryptorium Records
Year: 2020 (re-release)
Style: Thrash Death Metal

Teodolit are a trio from Russia founded back in 2014, and this one here is their debut album, initially released by themselves in digital format. I don't know why bands find as enough releasing their material in digital format, it's like you have no palpable result of your work, not to mention the ephemeral life of websites nowadays (does anyone remember Myspace?), but fortunately Swedish Cryptorium Records took the opportunity and gave this material a well deserved physical format as Digipak CD. We get here 8 original compositions and a cover of Kreator's Pleasure to Kill in 35 minutes of fast paced, technical Thrash Death Metal that sounds old-school in structure but with a modern, crystal-clear, faultless production, not over-produced though. The main highlight of Teodolit are Oksana's vocals that I personally find absolutely fabulous, she sounds like a mad witch that's about to devour you, not to mention she also plays the bass and does a fantastic job there, too, her bass lines are technical and upfront at the same time, very influential on the outcome of Teodolit's music. The guitar is also close to perfection, Vladimir is fast as fuck, technical and at the same time imaginative blending all sorts of riffs, leads and solos into one hell of a guitar-work you'll certainly be impressed by. Last but not least the drummer, Paul, is a damn machine, so spot on that it gives the impression he recorded the whole thing for ages until finding the right pace. All in all this one is a tremendous debut album, one of the best I've heard lately, and Teodolit are one hell of an underrated band, be sure to check them out; World-class material right here!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10