Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
Alex (guitars): Our band was formed in 2006. Its line-up changed many times and many people came and left due to different reasons. Some of them wanted to achieve everything without doing anything; others didn’t know what to do at all, some guys moved to another city. There were moments of despair when I just didn’t want to do anything, to find strength to start from the scratch again… To look for new band members, to rehearse with them and make them study the band’s material. But there were the guys who really wanted to play in the band, to keep it alive and growing and these very guys are now the band.
Zakhar (guitars): The band’s history… You know, I’ve never been a History fan. Except for the period of the 33-45 years of XXth century. But our band didn't exist yet, so, I'd rather talk about present. Fuck History.
Vjatcheslav (vocals): In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was "Fuck!!”. Then was the Big Bang. I mean the Ejaculation of the Creator. And the living being is rancid sperm of the Creator. Our universe glimmers, it expands and shrinks as if an invisible god has been masturbating and throwing out life from his indescribable dick for billions of years. In short, I think we are Creator’s sperms and we live in his testicles. A-fucking-mazing story, isn’t it?

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
Alex (guitars): You can call it experimental deathcore. There’s no need to list all the bands that had influence on all the band’s members, so here’s just a couple of  them: Meshuggah, Cock and Ball Torture, Carnifex, Despised Icon, Dying Fetus, Nile, Vomit the Soul, King Conquer, Whitechapel. 
Zakhar (guitars): Today there’s a hell lot of different music genres and it’s difficult to characterize your music without prefixes like "copro-", "necro-, "gore-", etc. Let’s say we play rock-and-roll.
Vjatcheslav (vocals): You know, our life consists of fat. Fat is the basis of all creation. And everything that is comprised by universe is feces that swim in this fat. You can quickly move inside the Mawniverse: you just dive into the matter’s fat and come up to the surface where you want. And it is marvelous, isn’t it?

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
Alex (guitars): Why metalhead has to buy our demos/albums? That’s a good question, looooool!  I think metalheads will like our music for its drive and heavy sound.                                           
Zakhar (guitars): What do you mean, "has to”? Nobody HAS to do anything. But if a metalhead (or any orthodox person) wants to get a shitload of positive energy for his/her ejaculative victories, then the new Fatal Error record will be the only right choice…
Vjatcheslav (vocals): I agree with Zakhar and Alex. Every living being has to overcome an evolution, to create its own god, to believe in it; then the God energized with faith will arrive and create the world in which this creature will be born, grow old and die. First goes rehearsal, then goes reality. First goes rehearsal, then goes the concert.

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
Alex (guitars): Our discography contains: Promo 2010, one full-length album 2011 and our new creation, the second album, is just about to be born, its title is kept secret for the time being. The mass media received our debut album «Conglomerate», which was released on Ukrainian label ‘Metal Scrap Records’, pretty well. It’s not perfect, of course, we gotta keep working hard, but it’s the phase that everyone has to face and I think everything depends entirely on ourselves.
Vjatcheslav (vocals): Everyone liked our music, so we are superstars now. And we look down on you from above. We are the fat, everything else is feces. Sort of. That’s it. My mother says "modesty and respect are above all”, so…

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
Alex (guitars): Yes, we play live! And we like it so much!! Pure drive and awesome energy on the stage! We love all this very much! We would like to play live in as many venues as possible. We’d like to travel with concerts over Russia and play gigs abroad as well.
Zakhar (guitars): Yeah, we work hard on our live performance... Aborted Fetus has a phrase: Requiem for the living anthem for the dead. We’d very much like to travel abroad (maybe even far abroad) and play there.
Vjatcheslav (vocals): Pour the gasoline of alcoholism and drug-addiction over yourself. Blaze in the flame of self-destruction and public indifference. Enormous bright world will shrink to the size of your tiny, grey room with no windows and doors, with just a light bulb under the ceiling, with glimmer of hope for no one knows what.

What sould labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
Alex (guitars): Labels and promoters have to know that we are ready to collaborate with them. We think our music can rock any venue, either it’s a club, or an open-air stage.
Zakhar (guitars): I think they have to know our repertoire, that’d be good, for starters )))
Vjatcheslav (vocals): Yeah, yeah, yeah, this happened to me as well. I entered my room and saw myself! We blew up the Big Bang together. Then we puttied the flowers not on the window and fluxed the walls outdoors. I don’t like to like it… We look at the world from the cellar of funerary traditions.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
Alex (guitars): What our plans for the future? First of all, to complete and release our second full-length album, to play multiple gigs in support of this album, sign a contract with a label for future releases, conquer the worldwide metal community. And to continue developing our band and to develop ourselves!
Zakhar (guitars): We got a shitload of plans, that’s obvious: to record a three-times platinum CD (3 CD’s would be good), collectively defecate into the Kljuchevaja Sopka volcano, arrange a benefit concert in Dachau (the money could be spent on building a crematorium in Perm city), etc. We got a lot of plans…
Vjatcheslav (vocals): I want new woolen socks.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
Alex (guitars): We are always ready to collaborate with the booking agencies in all cities! That’s why we’ll be happy to come and show what we are capable of. Our debut record can be purchased from the label’s site (, or right from the band members.                      
Vjatcheslav (vocals): Tsoi, Elvis and Gurchenko are dead because you didn’t give them enough of your love. Don’t miss a chance to worship us, wash our feet and sing along at one of our beautiful concerts. Murder and perish, my friends! )

December 2012