Band: M.I.GOD.
Country: Germany
Title: Specters on Parade
Label: Fastball Music
Year: 2019
Style: Modern Metal

Sad story: the album is dedicated to the band's former bass player, Matt Weber, who passed away during its recordings. This is the band's second album, 7 years away from their debut one, and at the same time it's the first album of two that are/will be connected conceptually with each other. They call their music Sophisticated Metal, and I can understand why, they are mixing Modern Metal, Power Metal, Industrial Metal, Electro Metal, Groove Metal, Progressive Metal and even Extreme Metal or Pop here and there, it's such a vast pallette of genres they take inspiration from that it's impressive how curdled and natural it all sounds on this album, it feels like they have had this planned in their minds well before even starting to work on it. There are quite a bunch of track intros, too, but they sound natural, like part of the tracks, part of the whole story. The production is very good, no complaints, I don't feel very good about the cover artwork though, and although seems in connection with the music and lyrics, it has nothing to catch the eye. Anyway, if you're looking for a Modern Metal album that sounds melodic, progressive, intricate and expressive at the same time, both accessible and aggressive, give this one a spin.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10