Omission is an awesome speed/thrash metal band that plays thrash metal the right way and here is an interview with band member Patillas to let you know more about this killer band:

Let’s get the typical question out of the way and then we will move on. Tell me about the forming of the band and how it came to be and what is the current line-up?
Hi!!!!!!! This is Patillas!!!!!!!!!! I formed the band in 2002, to play the kind of thrash I liked…with touches of speed/heavy metal and touches of raw black metal…and we called satanicspeed thrash metal!!!!!!!!!!
The current line up are surt on bass, astur on guitar, daviti on drums and me to the other guitar and the howls.

Now in 2005 you released a demo called "Day Of Your Death Begins”. What was the recording like for this and how was the response to it when it came out and what are your thoughts on it these days?
First, there’s no "begins”…it’s "arrives…” ja ja ja aja!!!!!!!!!! I composed all the material in my house, making the lyrics and all the arrangements. Then, a friend of mine help me to the drum machine. I loved the feelings of these days, there’s no presion around me…you know, when you got nothing…

The Next year you appeared on the "Thrash Metal Revenge” compulation. How many songs were on that for you and did that help the band out much?
At this time I got a real band, and we play a few gigs in Madrid and near Madrid…this tape contains the first demo "day of your death arrives…” and a few live songs from our second show ever!!!!!!!!

In 2007 you released another demo called "Yells That Destroys”. Would you say at that time that you have found the "Omission” sound to speak?
That demo was recorded for the band, and at that time, I know the sound and the concept for omission…but I got clear from the very first second. For me, it’s another step…

Now did you sent that demo and your 1st demo out to many webzines and record labels at all?
No, at that time, we are worried about the audience, not for the business…ja ja aj aja!!!! You know what I mean, step by step…

How did you come up with the band name and looking back are you 100% happy with your name?
Yes, I’m very happy with the name and the logo…talking about the logo, it’s different from the rest thrash logos, you know. And the name came from the testament song, I loved this band and his spirit!!!!!!!!

In 2008 you did a split dvd/video. Tell me about that and who was the other band and is this release still available?
This video was recorded at the first pounding metal fest, here in Madrid,in 2007, and we stare stage with barbarian from Barcelona, ironsword from Portugal and ram, from Sweden… was a great night for us and, ‘til right now, our better show and where we received the more intensity from the audience…so special.

A 3rd demo also came out from you called "V.P.A.”. How easy was for you to go and in and write, record and new music and at this point did you think the band deserved to be on a record label with the stuff you were releasing?
I loved to composed music and lyrics, so, it’s no easy all the time but I tried to be better musician. I think we need ,at least, 3 demos before our first real record, so, we prepare the way…

Tell me about this compilation called "Satanic Speed Thrash Metal”.
Patilla: It was only a compilation, this if, for the record labels, companies, managements agencies and blah blah blah… the best from our 3 demos.

In 2009 you released a split called "An Unholy Thrash Metal Night”. Tell me all about this and is this still available?
No, it’s completely sold out, maybe by second hand…it was another special night with a german band, called old…we record the night and it was crazy for us, sold out place, and we put this night on vynil, with no other dubs, of course!!!!!!!!!

Later on in 2009 you released your 1st full length called "Thrash Metal Is Violance”. What label did this come out on and how happy were you going into the studio getting to record and release a full length?
Yes, it was a special time in our short life, our first record, with better sound and better budget…ja ja ja aa!!!!!!!!! We put out by our side, and then, came xtreem music, and did a re-issue with 2 bonus live songs.

What were the reviews like and were you happy with it?
The reviews were fantastic, but, I don’ care about it…if you waste your time read all about your know, makes you insane.

Tell me about this "Angelfuck” compilation?
It’s only the second and the third demos on tape format…with a new cover and with a poster inside and button for free…only for fun.

For those who have never heard the band, what would you saw you sound like?
Like I told you before, sounds like a mix from thrash metal with speed heavy metal and raw black metal…it’s my opinion only…ja ja ja aja!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why should somebody buy an Omission CD?
Ummm, I really don’t know, there’s too much offer outside, I think we sound different to the rest, but all the band says the same…ja ja jajaja!!!!!!!!!! Tried I you liked blasphemies breakneck speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 2011 you released your 2nd full length called "Merciless Jaws From Hell”. Who released this and what are your thoughts on it and was it easier now going into the studio to record now that you had been in there several times prior to this release and how were the reviews to this release?
Yes, difficult times, ‘cause we lose our drummer and we pay a drummer session for this recorded…but I loved this record, and I think we get a better sound…of course with more money…ja ja aja!!!!! The reviews said it’s an album more blacker, but I think it’s only for the cover…

Also in 2011 you released a split called "Unholy Thrashing Savage”. Tell me all about that release.
It’s only a 4-way split with 3 bands more: storming steels, dunkel reiter and revenge…came from storming steels, a band from Thailand and it was a good way to break out frontiers, but there’s no new material inside, only songs from our first record.

Now when can we expect a box set of all your music ha ha?
Maybe in the future…ja ja jaaj a!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s a good idea in our 25 anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!

Your latest release is "Pioneers Of The Storm”. I like it a lot. How has the reaction been to it and do you feel it is your best release so far?
Yes, I’m very proud of it. For me, it’s our best release ‘till date…the people said that it’s more thrash than "merciless” , but I don’t really don’t know, we don’t program things like that…in this case the best reviews came from another countries…ja ja aj aa!!!!! Thing that happen…better sound and, one more time, more money spend on it.

Does the band get to play many live shows and if so are any clips up on your website or on You Tube?
Yes, we have 5 official video clips…you can found it on our web and there’s a lot of videos on youtube and on our official youtube channel omissionofficial. Check it out and you can see our power live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does the band have any goals for yourselves and do you hope to get to play the US one day at a festival or what not someday?
Yes, we want to endure the time and, maybe, have the respect of the metal audience, like bands like desaster or nifelheim…yes, we play Europe oftentimes and we’re ready for fucking US audience!!!!!!!!!!! Would be an honour!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe in the near future…

So is all your material still for sale pretty much and is there any old stuff that might see the light or day one day?
Yes, check it out in our website , there’s a lot of material. We have a policy…when it’s sold out, it’s sold out…ja ja ja ajs¡a!!!!!!!!!! we do new material but don’t reissue old material, as a rule…

I read about how some people don’t like some of the bands black metal image so to speak. What would you say to those people? 
This is a free world, if you don’t like our band or our lyrics, our image, I don’t give a damn…while you treat us with respect.  I don’t like all the religion shit but I respect it.

Please plug any websites you have?
to buy some material of the band:

Any last words and horns up for the interview.
So, thank for this interview, with some weird questions…ja ja aja!!!!!!!!! 
Thank you and remember: Hail satan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A beber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Satanicspeed thrash metal to the death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Questions by Chris Forbes
Answers by Patillas (voc., guit.)

December 2013