Country: Germany
Title: Ready for Boarding
Label: G.U.C. Records
Year: 2020
Style: Power Metal

6 years after the latest official material by Stormhunter the band is back at it and here we have a new EP made of 3 original tracks (not sure if all 3 are new, but all are written by the band) and a live cover version of Antisocial by the band Trust. The band plays a melodic and epic kind of Power Metal highlighted by headbanging riffs, mid-tempo to fast paced rhythm section, catchy leads and solos, and good, heavy vocals following the patterns of the genre, without much to stand out actually. The word that comes to mind after listening to the 3 tracks of the band is correct, this is a correct kind of Power Metal, not outstanding, nor surprising, but well-done if they decided to target the fans of the genre only. The cover version is out of scope here, it's a totally other genre, Punk-infused Hard Rock sung in French, I think the band only featured it for their own amusement. It's clear the passion is still there for the band, at least for the only original member left in the line-up, Stefan Müller, but I a country like Germany where competition is fierce they will need to show some more originality if a new album is in works.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10