Country: Sweden
Title: Prygla
Label: Cryptorium Records
Year: 2021
Style: Black Metal

Prygla (Swedish for cudgel) is a mysterious band (not sure if a one-man-band or else) from Sweden presenting itself here with the first full-length self-titled album, an 8 tracks material clocking a bit under half an hour of playing time. To me their music sounds like a total '90's underground Swedish Black Metal worship, the production is raw, abrasive and pungent like in the '90's demos, but still pretty much spot on for this kind of music, then the compositions are mid-tempo to fast paced with occasional slow passages, so pretty much all over the place, not leaving any space for boredom. Traditional black metal based on tremollo riffs, distant screams and growls, blast beats, building almost epic kind of harmonies, the ones that you feel they tell stories (of battle, ancient times, occult matter, or the likes; I couldn't exactly tell since all their lyrics are in Swedish), and these stories being enhanced by some rare but clever atmospheric and semi-acoustic passages engulfed by darkness. Expect some brutal, uncompromising Black Metal with some melodic passages that are far from mellowing the compositions but instead increase the sinister impression. A very good debut album that will unfortunately have a hard time reaching out to people because the band doesn't play live, nor do they have any serious online presence, so it's all up to their label to do it all. Time will tell how serious this band is...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10