Aller Sterne Untergang - Die Arroganz der Sterne
Aller Sterne Untergang - Eskapaden
Bestial Entity - Treason of the Dead
Codex Mortis - What Befalls of Tainted Souls
Dauthuz - Cold
Die Entweihung - Kings & Pawns
Dispyt - Under tiden jag sålde min själ till Satan
Dusk of Delusion - World at War
Empheris - The Return of Derelict Gods
Hatecrime - Music About Death
Iron Flesh - Summoning the Putrid
Johansson & Speckmann - The Germs of Circumstance
Majak - Rippe's Restless Rehearsal Rumble
MNHG - Mundare
Mutual Hostility - Sacred Propaganda
No Life Code - Maldoror's Metamorphosis
Oakmord - We Were Always Alone
Odium Humani Genris - Przeddzień
Ovakner - Ar / Lume
Prescience - Out of the Grave
Rabid Flesh Eaters - R.F.E.
Sarvekas - Of Atavistic Fury & Visions
Serpents Oath - Nihil
Sibireal - Blood Color Sky
Spiritual Holocaust - Echoes of the Apocalypse
Sullen Guest - Chapter III
Taur-Im-Duinath - The Burning Bridges
Tenebra - Through Crying Souls I See What I Was...
The Flesh Trading Company - Franconian Witchcraft
The Stone - Kosturnice
Tiran - No Gods, No Masters
Ulvez - Twilight of the Goat
Unburied - From Beyond the Grave
Unburied - Hammer of Redemption (adv. promo)
Warside - The Enemy Inside
Zed Destructive - Corroded by Darkness
Zelfhaat - Smarten van een ontwijde ziel