Formed in late 1996 the only Northern-German Doom-Metal-Band Cold Embrace released their debut "Ode To Sorrow" in 1998/99,an ultra-slow and heavy piece of Doom/Death-Metal that received some great reviews. Since then the band has gone from strength to strength, this is a interview with Guitarist Michael from the band who has been recording since the early 90's. His talent has remained largely underground but its about time he and "Cold Embrace" got the recognition they deserve.

Greetings from Seattle, Can I start off by saying Cold Embrace is one of doom's best kept secrets especially in the US so how about letting the readers know more about the band's history.
Well, that doesn’t surprise me, cause even in Germany we’re more a secret than a well known act though our 12 years of existence. We had to cope a lot with member changes. The band first started as a studio project, but after we finished recording our debut "Ode To Sorrow” in 1999 we recognized we had to play these songs live. We were looking for a label and some time later we got a contract with Gods Greed Records who sent us on tour with crowbar. That’s the way we had some live success.

How long have you been playing guitar?
I started playing at 13 years, but I didn’t practice continuously, there were times that I didn’t play at all.

Apart from doom metal, what other forms of music influence you?
There's a wide field of influences from 70s classic rock bands to real crazy drug-addicted Goa sounds.

The second album "Age Of Doom" was influenced by Nordic mythology. Can you tells us how or why that interests you so much?
I grew up in the north of Germany and our house was 50 meters away from the Baltic sea, so the sea and its secrets were always fascinating to me. Also I am really interested in historical and mythological things and this has to go somewhere for example into my music.

I read somewhere you are involved in other musical projects, can you tell us more about these other musical adventures?
There is another studio project that I didn’t get on stage because I cant find musicians for it. It’s called "The Papermoon” and is a mix of early 70s Kraut/Spacerock sounds with some doom influence.

Last November you found a new bass player Robert Höring. Has been difficult finding the right musicians for the band?
Indeed it was really difficult to find the right musicians fort his genre. Just for finding the drummer I invested 4 years of searching, because most drummers here only play metalcore (what they don’t even play good) and other modern crap.

The new album is almost ready I believe, can you tell the readers about the direction of the album?
Generally speaking the new album will be pretty similar to "Age Of Doom", but I will put in some more folk elements and make it more epic.

Are planning on touring the album and is there any live dates already planned?
I would like to tour under good circumstances and if we get the opportunity we’ll do it.

How does the new album compare with the older material?
I would say the new material is more conservative though it has more new elements due to the folk thing.

What are some your personal favorite doom metal bands?
Pentagram, The Obsessed, Electric Wizard, Goatsnake, Saint Vitus, Sleep, Place of Skulls.

Do these bands influence you much or do you try and stay as original as possible?
Actually they don’t influence me. When I start composing a Doom album I’m mostly influenced by other music.

Whats your opinion on the doom scene at the moment?
The Doom scene is healthy and the core of it should stay as it is.

What kind of promotion will you be doing for the new album? Will you be sending out free promo's for airplay etc?
I will try to release the album on Vinyl, but I decided to also release it on CD, I must see if I will have the money for both.

I will be looking forward to hearing the album, any last words for the readers?
First I want to thank you for this interview! Then I want to wish all the good to all those Doom/Stoner/Rock/Metal and Psychedelic fans out there. Stay faithful to your way, get a beard, smoke some weed, love your women and doom into the sunset.
Doom on, Michael

Interviewed by Ed

March 2010