Band: O.D.R.A / PARH
Country: Poland
Title: O.D.R.A / Parh
Label: Mythrone Promotion / Defense Records
Year: 2019
Style: Sludge Metal

Beside the myriads of Black and Death Metal bands Poland offers nowadays, here are two examples of their Sludge Metal scene as well. 
O.D.R.A are around since 2008 and have released 5 full-length albums before this meeting with Parh, so we're dealing here with an experienced combo. Hardcore and Sludge Metal shake hands on these 4 tracks by O.D.R.A and we're treated with heavy riffage, quite catchy I'd say, ultra-heavy bass lines, groovy drumming and a demented vocal that screams his lungs out throughout the whole recording, all this presented on slow to mid-tempo rhythm that reek of cannabis. The guitars fall into an experimental territory at times when things really become hectic enhanced by the vocalist's screams; these screams are actually what I don't like in their music, but that's just a matter of taste here, the rest is pretty slick, and live I think the band is seriously infectious with energy. 
Parh are around since 2014 and are closer to my preferences to tell you the truth; their 7 tracks featured here are again into the Sludge territory, but they also drawn influences from Punk and (mostly) Death Metal, too. Their compositions are slightly more varied than O.D.R.A's, and that also on vocal level where the vocalist blends screams with growls of different tonalities enhancing the creepy atmosphere the band creates. 
Bottom line O.D.R.A are for purists, for hardcore fans of Sludge Metal while Parh are for fans of the Sludge / Death mix, which is a good thing, their meeting on this CD will open them doors (better said ears) that normally would be closed.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10   7/10