Hi Tony, how are you? How was your Holidays season last month?
Hellz Adrian,everything is great here man I actually spent the Holiday Season in the studio wrapping up the two new demos.We have been working on alot things with the band the last few months that will be announcing at the end of February. But what I can say is we are getting ready for a busy 2010!!!
Please tell us some facts about Generichrist. What should we know about it's history? Why Generichrist and what it stands for?
I formed GENERICHRIST in 2002 after moving from New Jersey to Tampa Bay. I had been in many bands through the years and decided instead of joining another band I'd form my own. The early years of GENERICHRIST where not very productive, I just couldn't get the right guys together so I still wound up singing in other bands too. One of those bands was a band called UKNOWN CURE, that's where I met guitarist Guy Loucks. We where young and naive during the UKNOWN CURE days and of course we where a band who loved getting fucked up, some of us more then others. So of course there was the bad times, like trashed stages or those fun days when you show up to the practice space to find band gear pawned off. Those are some days that I don't miss, it was like a fuckin circus. After the demise of Uknown Cure I put my attention towards GENERICHRIST and I haven't looked back. We do it 100% our way and we don't give a fuck about what everyone else is playing .There are so many bands caught up with fitting into their scene, well we are one of the bands who don't give a shit.The name GENERICHRIST  goes with our theory on our generic society, generic Idols, generic laws, and generic culture; genic scene I think you get the point.
During the time you've had a lot of line-up changes. Why is that? What's the band's line-up now and how much do you think it will last?
Its simple people who bring any kind of drama or bullshit to this band are asked to leave. Then there just left crying and talking shit on what assholes we are while we keep moving forward . We don't look back in GENERICHRIST, there is to much music to make!!! I always wish everyone the best when they part ways with the band, but we don't even pay attention to what they pursue to be honest.  At this moment we have Marc Ciccosanti on drums,Nick Palm and Guy Locks on guitar, Ed Webb from Destined To Ruin has been doing all of our live bass,and as usual me on the vocals.
How would you describe Generichrist's style and what would be your main influences in music?
We play the GENERICHRIST version of  Thrash Metal,Death Metal and punk . I'm influenced by all kinds of bands that I grew up on. bands like the MERCYFUL FATE,DESCENDENTS,SLAYER,MEGADETH,AUTOPSY,VENOM,DWARVES,CANCER,POSSESSED,SODOM,KILLING JOKE,DEICIDE,G.G. ALLIN, BEHERIT,NUCLEAR ASSAULT,DESTROYER 666 and there are so many more that I cant name them all.Music has always been my life and I don't just listen to one kind. I grew up on Metal and Punk and Rock N roll. I was 13 and my stepfather was passing on all his tapes and records to me he was a Metal Head back then so I was exposed to it at a young age. He used to feed me music by bands like MERCYFUL FATE,VENOM,GRIM REAPER,ANGEL WITCH,AC/DC,and BLACK SABBATH and it was something that I couldn't get enough of. I also had two uncles who where very involved in the local New Jersey underground scene they both played in bands so I was always around it and from day one I knew it was something I wanted to do the rest of my life.
Please tell us about what you have released so far, how were those releases received by public and media and if they are still available from anywhere.
Last year we put out "Fuck Ritual" on Metal Fighter Records out of Germany and on DeathStar Records in the U.S.A. We also put out a limited split 7" with Philadelphia's MENTAL FUNERAL on colored vinyl that you can get through us at www.myspace.com/generichrist. It was killer to put out the 7" we even had Chris Reifert from the great AUTOPSY and ABSCESS do the artwork for the cover of the 7". The Fuck Ritual cd you can get through us too, or all over the net, and even at some record stores. I hope to find a label to put "Fuck Ritual" on vinyl this year also, but well see. We would like to have all of our music on vinyl one day.
You have 2 new releases planned for this beginning of 2010, can you please tell us what we should expect?
Yes we have two demos/discs on the way we have an Asian release on Xmusickchina/AreaDeath productions titled "MINDUMPSTER" that should be out in February. And then "VOMIT CULTURE" that will be out in the U.S.A. this month (January) on Death Star Records. Both demo's feature the sick artwork of Mark Cooper who also handled the artwork on 'Fuck Ritual' some great stuff !!! I think that artwork is also a big part a demo/record as we have proved through the years.Both covers feature our animated representative HEXX who we have given life to through the years. He is I guess what you would call our blood thirsty sadistic mascot but we just call him Hexx.
In 8 years you've only done 8 gigs, why? Are you planning on changing that and having live gigs more often?
Yea that's pretty insane that we haven't done more shows hahah.  We finished off 2009 with shows with GIGAN,MOONSPELL,SECRETS OF THE MOON, and DIVINE HERESY so that was a good way to end the year. In 2010 we will be a very active band we will do alot more shows and even a mini tour are in the mix. Along with a another record, we start writing in March, that I'm very excited to get started on, I know that we are all ready to get back in the studio. Then we will try to get over to Europe and spread the word!!!
I assume you write all the lyrics. What do you write about?
Yea I write all the lyrics in GENERICHRIST and what there about really matters on what's going on in my life during that period  of time. For Example I wrote "VOMIT CULTURE' and 'MINDUMPSTER" during a big line-up overhaul in the band so of course I was out for blood.Its funny what new blood in a band will do for you its new life. There are also lyrics that deal with the Occult,Death,Life,Fucking, and the paranormal  a mix of topics basically shit that interests me. I don't write about just one thing I'm not really into beating a dead horse on every record. For me its also to have songs that a listener can relate too at times. I always want someone to be able to take something from my lyrics no matter how they interpret it.
Do you have any other side-projects or bands?
I am also in a band called SKINTOMB with my close friend in Germany DANIEL SANDVOSS(DYSEMBRIOMA,DEBAUCHERY) I think our debut will be out in the summer. He writes and records all the music in Germany and then I take care of vocals and write all the lyrics here in Tampa and record here also. I am really looking forward to do this, Daniel and I had talked about doing this for sometime now, so it's cool to see it coming together !!! You can keep up to date with SKINTOMB at www.myspace.com/skintomb .
How's the extreme metal scene in your area are there any other bands you would recommend?
The Extreme Metal scene here is actually ok. We are lucky we have many venues here that bands can perform at. Some bands that are worth checking out are GIGAN,DARK FAITH,DESTINED TO RUIN,ALTAR OF FLESH,INFERNAL PROPAGANDA,PROMETHEAN HORDE and of course I cant list them all, so Ill stop now. There is an active Underground scene here and many of the people involved in it have been part of it for a long time now. 
What do you do beside the band? What music do you listen to at home?
At this point music is a big part of my life and you never know when the reaper will show up so you have to make the most of it!!I !To tell you the truth I listen to alot of the same records I grew up on, I've been lucky to hold on to alot of through my many moves. 
Thanks for this interview, Tony, hope to speak again soon.
Adrian I want to thank you and Pest Zine for the support you have given us, and we look forward to one day visiting Romania and having some beers with you. And anyone who wants a copy of "VOMIT CULTURE" or "MINDUMPSTER" contact us at www.myspace.com/generichrist or www.generichrist.com.

Interviewed by Adrian

January 2010
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