Hello Katon! I’m so glad to interview you !!! At the beginning I would like to ask you what’s is happening in HIRAX at the moment? Are you working with new material or just promoting your  DVD split „Just Kill... and Kill Again” or/and  your very good album „El Rostro de la Muerte”?
KATON:  Thank you for your kind words.  We are getting ready for our 2011 world tour.  In support of our recent releases, "El Rostro de la Muerte" and "Noise Chaos War"available on:  iTunes, CD, vinyl, etc.   Also we are spending a lot of time in our rehearsal studio going over our new live set list of songs.  
Music press, particularly metal magazines, wrote about come back of thrash metal with glory. What do you think about it, has thrash ever actually died or just music press did not write about it? 
KATON:  THRASH METAL will NEVER DIE!  Because of the great fans that support our kind of music… we are able to continue on and keep releasing new music as well as traveling the world and playing concerts.  We, HIRAX never worry about trends… we just love playing thrash metal!!  The press is now taking more notice of thrash metal music… but the underground has never gone away.  It is alive and still going strong.  

What about metal gigs in USA? How many metalheads do come to the concerts, what is the difference between American fans and European ones, in your private opinion of course? 
KATON:  In my opinion, the USA still has a good metal scene… but it still gets overlooked by the press because of commercial music and major record labels.  There are a  lot of die hard metal heads in the USA… but the support is not the same when it comes to the industry… they just don't give metal the support that it deserves.  In Europe and South America the audiences are bigger and the support for the music is 100%.  That is why TRUE METAL has survived for so many years… because of those die hard fans… who keep supporting it.   We are honored to have so many fans who love what we do.  The European fans are great!

I know that HIRAX played some concerts in Eastern and Central Europe, e.g. in Poland. What are your impressions? I’m asking you because I’m from Poland and Pest Webzine is from Romania.
KATON:  We hope to play in Romania soon.  HIRAX concert in Poland 2 April 2011 - SATURDAY.  More concert dates to be added soon!!!

Do you know any Romanian and Polish metal bands? 
KATON:  Yes…  the band I've heard about for many years is, KAT.  I have their early records.  I really like their music!  I think that they are a great band.

Ok, let’s talk about lyrics. I know this question may be little trivial, but I have to ask - where do you find the inspirations to HIRAX’s lyrics? Is our world really so dirty and ugly?
KATON:  Most people try to ignore what is REALLY going on in the world.  We feel that it is our responsibility to be honest with our fans… and write lyrics that come from out heart.  We are very fortunate to travel all over the world playing concerts… so we see and experience a lot of different cultures.  We have been to very poor countries and have also traveled to very wealthy countries… but one thing always remains the same.  People need and love heavy metal music.  We love to play for all humans, no matter where they come from… we just want to make them happy.  Our lyrics reflect good and evil.  Stories that we know about and understand.   We speak the truth.  

And what about your private music fascinations? Do they influence HIRAX’s sounds?
KATON:  Yes, I listen to a lot of different music because … to me, music is like food.  some days you want to hear something different and that influences you in one way or another when you are writing your own music.. obviously I listen to a lot of HEAVY METAL - it influences and inspires me greatly.  

I saw that you have got a t-shirt and badge of very good, Russian heavy metal band Ariya. I’m a big fan of Ariya too, I’m a member of Polish Official Ariya Fanclub „Chimera”. My colleagues from the fanclub just wanted to know more about your Ariya’s fascination. When and where did you get to know Ariya’s music, how long have you been listening to Ariya and do you understand Russian language?
KATON:  I do not understand the Russian language… but I do love Ariya, they are one of my favorite bands.  I have all of their albums and I am still waiting for their new CD to be released.  I have known about them for a long time… but I began taking their music more seriously in 2004 when HIRAX played in Germany.   Some HIRAX fans came up to me wearing Aria  patches and buttons… so I thought to myself… I should find some of their music… and give it a listen.  Once I heard their first 3 albums… I became a big fan.  I like some other Russian bands… Keplov, Master, etc.  I never let different languages keep me from liking a band if their music is good.

What are your plans for the nearest future, are you going to play some concerts or work with new tracks?
KATON:  We are looking forward to playing in Poland for the very first time on this 2 April 2011 tour.  and Yes, we will be playing some of the songs off "El Rostro de la Muerte"  We have a  very special show planned for the Polish Headbangers.  

Please say a few words to European Metalheads.
KATON:  HAILZ to ALL OF THE EUROPEAN HEADBANGERS!!!  THANK YOU for your GREAT support!!! We are looking forward to seeing you on our upcoming tour!!  We will bang our heads and Drink a Lot of Beer!!  It will be a TRUE HEAVY Metal CELEBRATION!!

At the end of interview tell us when we can find you in WWW world, on Facebook or at the other places?

Thanx a lot of interview, keep in touch and let’s see on concerts in Europe! Cheers !!!
KATON:  Thank you for the interview.

Interviewed by Vilcin

February 2011

Email: contact@pestwebzine.com