Country: Germany
Title: Optogram of the Depraved
Label: Independent
Year: 2021
Style: Death Metal

Not to be mistaken with the California band with the same name, German Putrescine (I guess of Chilean origin) is a new trio out of Berlin practicing and preaching the old ways of Death Metal. It's so refreshing to see bands popping out everywhere starting to promote themselves with demo tapes (or CDs, whatever) in the good old fashion, without jumping straight away to EPs or even albums. A demo is very important because it costs less and presents your music to specialized press and public so that a future album becomes more targeted and attracts better attention from an already informed public. Anyway, talking about this demo, Putrescine's second to date, we're treated with 3 tracks in 12 minutes of purulent, mid-tempo to fast paced, sometimes dissonant, sometimes groovy, sometimes absolutely devastatingly brutal, and always purulent form of old-school Death Metal presented with an organic production that somehow makes you feel closer to the band, like you're right at their rehearsal place when all this is happening. The band has evolved quite a bit from their previous demo, they left out the slow parts now, the compositions are tighter and more captivating, and also the production, although as visceral as the first time, seem to be more powerful and heavier than before. Bottom line we're dealing here with a brutal and sinister old-school Death Metal material, straight-forward rotten brutality for the initiated only!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10