Country: Italy
Title: Across the Human Path
Label: Independent
Year: 2018
Style: Melodic Death Metal

Not sure if this is a studio project, or a live band, too, but for sure is that it was created in 2016 by Ironcross, musician also active in a few other bands at the time, and joined soon after by guitarist Rob and vocalist Drake for a trio that is the current line-up as well. Across the Human Path is their debut album, a 9 tracks effort in about 45 minutes of playing time, a Melodic Death Metal album influenced by the Viking Metal scene as well, especially on lyrics, but also on the guitar leads I'd say. At first listen the album sounds very good, the powerful and heavy production is perfect for this kind of music, the growls have a good tone and there are also variations in vocals from clean to screams and even narration, the rhythm section is acting well as the backbone of the whole construction here, and the guitars are the highlight of this album offering catchy riffs (from heavy Metal to Groove Metal influenced, they are quite varied I'd say), melodic and expressive leads and cool solos, yet I had the constant feeling like something's missing, and after some thought I came to the conclusion what this album needs more is some additional variation in rhythms (some fast parts would be perfect) and maybe a bit more instruments thrown inthere to build the viking atmosphere and stories like the keys make a short appearance at the end of a track and it sounds so well, so epic. The good thing is the album starts with probably the best track on it, Sentinel, but it also grows on you as time passes by listening to it. Anyway, for a debut album I'd say Bolthorn did an impressive job proving they have tremendous potential, fans of Viking Death Metal and Melodic Death Metal will certainly enjoy it. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10