"Holodomor” is a part of the most dark and sorrow times of contemporary slavonic history... Why  just "Holodomor”?
For me naming the band after the Holodomor is an expression of the suffering of humanity. I would not seek any political connotations regarding it. Also, we thought it just sounded phonetically right for the kind of music we do.

Your style is a „bestial black/thrash”, this is official name taken from promo materials, which I got from Godz Ov War. I agree and I’ve been heard some doom and deathmetal motifs... I really like your raw, old-school garage sounds, that is really great! Is this possible in our times? How did you menage to create this sound ???
Thank you for your complement. I labelled our style as "Bestial Black/Thrash”, however it's kind of made-up and perhaps does not capture all the influences the band's music style encompasses. I would say it is basically Black/Death with all these other influences added for good measure. The material was recorded in a quality pro-studio and all the equipment was a high-end type of gear. The raw sound of the recording is a result of a conscious decision of using all this expensive technology in a, let's say, very coarse manner – it's all about the performance of the production process... First of all there is very little digital or post-production elements applied. I wanted the whole process to be as spontaneous as possible. No click-track, guitars and drums were recorded live – that's where you get that genuine live feeling of the whole thing. Reduced total number of recording tracks (16) lets the mix breathe unlike most of modern metal albums with tenths of tracks per song... and finally, we mixed in just one day! Then, all this nasty noise was mastered in a top mastering studio and here you go. I wanted it to be as organic as possible, I wanted a raw, haunting underground tone to it but also a defined, crisp and big sound. I think we've succeeded on that.

When I listened to your material first time I thought about Australian scene. Are you inspired by Australian metallers?
Yeah, definitely the Aussie scene has been a great influence on the overall sound of the band. Mostly Bestial Warlust and Sadistik Exekution or more recently New Zealand's underground monument – Diocletian. Although, I try to incorporate all the other currents which fascinate me in the extreme metal music.. the French post-2000 bands like Antaeus, Arkhon Infaustus or an avant-garde touch od Deathspell Omega have left their mark on us as sound-makers; and then you have my sentiment to old-school thrash – this sharp-edged riffs, which add a bit of catchiness and raw force to the compositions. Nevertheless, it's mostly about speed rather than heaviness in Holodomor so as a third major inspiration I'd count the Helkamp-spawn Angelcorpse or Kerasphorus.

Holodomor’s EP has french title... Is this little provocation?
I would not say a provocation. just thought it sonded interesting in french and quite shit in English so I decided to leave it in French, that's it.

OK, let’s back in time... Adam, please tell us what did you do in music before your arrived to United Kingdom?
I played the guitar and wrote lyrics for a project-band with a mate from my hometown in Poland. The name of the band was Nebula Gates, I appeared on one demo, which was released by Seven Gates of Hell. Those were ancient times some 1998-'99, I reckon.

Holodomor had been played with Gorgoroth and Vader...  What else, what about other gigs? How many gigs? What about people reactions?
Yeah, we supported Vader and Gorgoroth as a local act on their tour. These days I usually refuse to play gigs if they're local, unless it's something special. We played quite a bit last year – just to warm up before going out somewhere further. There is no public for a band like us over here, I mean people love it but don't understand it. In total we played maybe 10-15 gigs – all locally, I'm bored with it now. I don't really like gigs that much. Hope to play in Europe soon – will see if that is more exciting. We have two upcoming gigs – one in Bristol at the end of October and then in December we're co-headlining a small festival organised by Nazgul Agency in Exeter, still South-West England.

Gigs... which of them gigs you remembered best and on the long  time – and which were just for forget?
I don't really think any of our gigs was much significant, they're just gigs... Perhaps the very first gig was worth remembering as we played with our friends from Chemical Tomb – it was their first show as well and this was in the underground of this local pub... It was brutal. I don't think this city has seen anything like this ever before... The Chemical Tomb vocalist – Marcin cut himself and bled all the shop – fucking mental...

„Témoignages de la Gnose Terrestre” EP are 16 minutes and 43 second of merciless music carnage... What’s next? Have you been thinking about full length material?
For now we haven't heard from anybody wanting to release an album for us. We're still awaiting the limited 12” vinyl edition of "Temoignages...”, which will be out with different design on Iron Bonehead Production presumably at the end of this year and the cassette version will appear in the colours of the French Maltkross Productions/ Glorification MusiX. If we don't hear from any respectable label in a few months, the next step will be releasing a short EP to remind the world about ourselves. We don't rush anything for now.

We are living in Matrix  too, when we can catch you in the web?

And at the end of intie – some bloody and taste words just for our metalheads...

Interviewed by Vilcin
August 2012

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