Country: Finland
Title: Cold River Spell
Label: Schwarzdorn Production
Year: 2020
Style: Doom Metal

Formed on the ashes of Vuolla, a short-lived Doom Death ensemble who only managed to release a full-length album on the same Schwarzdorn Production, Oblivion Beach follows its 3 digital singles released so far with an 8 tracks debut album clocking just jort of 40 minutes of Doom Rock Metal fronted by a female voice that remind me of the '80's Pop scene to be honest, of Cindy Lauper and the likes, so the combination of her voice with traditional slow to mid-tempo Doom is quite unusual. It's unusual combinations that lead to originality, correct? And that's the case here, even though having too many hooks in their tracks, Oblivion Beach make themselves remarkable through this vocal part. Anyway, I don't want to underestimate the instrumental part here, we're getting some straight-forward groovy, spacey at times, sludgy at others Doom Rock / Metal highlighted by heavy guitar riffs, Post-Metal-like atmospheric guitar leads, occasional melodic keyboard inserts, intense drumming, upfront, oppressive bass lines and and overall laid-back and melancholic attitude with passages of pure headbanging awesomeness. A successful introduction to the new band fans of the genre will appreciate for sure, but to reach a wider audience (and they have the potential), they'll have to add a bit more memorable parts to their compositions, the rest is all ready for the masses.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10