Hello and thanks that you let us interviewing you. How are you?
I'm doing well, for a change. It's been rather hectic around here lately, but I'm actually relaxing for a change. I've been listening to the new Alice In Chains album. It's amazing, by the way.

What was the background for founding a one woman black metal project like Dark Metamorphosis? How is the response of the listeners?
"One Woman" haha. I'll take that as a compliment. But yeah, It seems like people like the music. I mean, people into that type of thing generally do. I'm not gonna turn any heads of the Nickelback or 50 Cent fans. Nor do I aim to.

You released now already 6 albums from 2008 on and also a split and all together from your founding date 9 releases. From where comes your power and inspiration for being that productive?
I have no idea. I just never get tired of writing. I love music too much. I literally barely practice guitar anymore, because everytime I pick up the damn thing, I end up coming up with a riff I like, which of course leads to the rest of the song. 
Being bored all of the time is very productive, musically.

In connection to that, what is your main musical influence?
My own insanity. 

Can you give us a short intro, what the listener must expect from the new masterpiece and what it is lyrically mainly about?
Well, the new album "Forgive Me Not" is the second part in a 5 part conceptual series I am doing. Lyrically, I am probably just going to leave it up to the listener's speculation, as I don't generally give out lyrics. People should create their own story, while listening. I have mine. Just let the music fill your head. It will reveal itself.
The music itself is kind of a trancy black metal sound. It's definetly more epic than my past albums, and easily the best.

You don't show much information on your myspace site or somewhere else of your person or the project. Is there any special background with that?
Not particularly. I would rather just let the music speak for itself, rather than write some biography in the 3rd person like most wannabe's I see these days.  This is going to piss a few people off.

A small topic change. When we watch the scene or genre of black metal, how are you connected with those and what does it mean for you? Or better, what means for you music commonly and to hear and "be” black metal?
I don't really consider myself to be a part of the scene. I'm definetly an outsider when it comes to that. Black metal means alot to me. From the first time I heard it, I knew that's where I wanted to go, musically. I definetly consider the genre more of an art form than most metal, and "being" black metal has definetly changed the way I think about most music, in general.

Do you have plans to change maybe the genre of your music or do you want to try something else either? Or is there a fixed concept you want to hold?
I've experimented with different aspects of other genre's, such as Thrash and Gothic, but I don't think Dark Metamorphosis will ever play Death Metal, or anything like that. The music will always be Black Metal, and I don't wan't to stray from that, although I do try to experiment every now and then, while still staying reletively the same. I think Dark Metamorphosis has a specific sound, and I don't wan't to change it too much.

We can hear piano and some synths in your songs. So, how do you find the new ways of black metal nowadays and that genres like shoe gaze and others are mixed with black metal? 
It really depends on the band. I do like synths and things, but some bands just would be better without them. I think to be true black metal, it's all about the guitar riffs, honestly. Dabbling in other genre's is always welcome, after all, Opeth wouldn't be what it is if not for all that great jazz and acoustic.

Do you listen also something else then metal or especially black metal?
I listen to pretty much everything metal. I'm a big fan of Thrash Metal, and all those great 80's bands everyone loves. I actually don't listen to black metal as much as everything else. I usually have to be in a certain mood for that.

Again a topic change. You are signed now to Beneath the Fog Productions, a quite known underground label either from USA. Are you happy to be there and how is the support or working together?
I'm very happy to be with Beneath The Fog. The best label I've ever worked with. They are very professional about the way they work.

With a look to all your releases in the past, will there be something new in the next months? And what are your plans for the next time?
I am currently working on material for a new album. It is likely going to be be multi-disk. Also working on a split with Buer, from Virginia.

My last question would be, if you have planned to play live and with that to change your one woman project to a band? Or will it stay as it is?
Dark Metamorphosis will always be a solo project. I have no intentions of playing live with this band. I wouldn't mind playing guitar for another band or something, but, D.M. will stay solo.

So there is just for me to say a big thanks that you answered my questions and to wish you all the best for your future as person and musician. You have the last words!
Kill Whitey!!!

Interview made by Robert

October 2009
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