Country: Switzerland
Title: Destination Void
Label: Endless Winter
Year: 2019
Style: Doom Metal

Swiss Wolf Counsel are back with their fourth studio album in a career that's not longer than 5 years, so we're dealing with a highly productive ensemble I'd say. The new material is made of 7 tracks and clocks close to 50 minutes of traditional Doom Metal a la Cathedral, Count Raven and the likes, so nothing touched by modern influences. To be honest I'm not into this type of vocal tone that sounds so monotone and bored although I understand why it sounds like that, so for me the most valuable feature in Wolf Counsel's music were / are the guitar solos that on the last track, the long Staring into Oblivion, are actually outstanding, long, captivating and expressive solos combined perfectly with a more varied vocal (there's even a semi-growling tone that appears here and there on this track), a simple but sinister guitar riffing and a more complex rhythm section where the drums and bass are trying their best to come up with ideas (and they succeed). Also worth mentioning the the fifth track, Destination Void, which is also the heaviest on this record; the guitars on it are like bricks falling on your head, the drumming is intense as well, and the rhythms range from slow, funeral-like to headbanging Heavy Doom like, making it memorable. For me these two tracks make it a worth buying album, but if you're into traditional Doom Metal by all means give this a try as you'll be able to find more interesting stuff on it than I did.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10