Country: Norway
Title: Lurking in the Dark
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Punk Black Metal

This debut album by Norwegian one-man-band Fullmane reminded me of my teens when I was reading the magazines' reviews section to find out what's new and available to buy, and what attracted my attention and ultimately my orders were the bad reviews, the ones that were completely trashing the bands. Those reviews were like that because the writers didn't have time or/and will to actually check the music out and were distracted by the low-quality production usually (well, apart from the bands that didn't know how to play and that was it). This debut album by Fulmane has an execrable production, like an old rehearsal captured by a tape recorder, but the weird thing is this is not a live band, all is recorded by one guy and it sounds like you're in the rehearsal room with the band drinking beers and listening to them trying out their track, execution mistakes included, of course. From this point of view it's a very cool thing, not to mention I got it on dubbed tape with xeroxed cover, what more old-school and underground than this? Musically speaking Fullmane is mid-paced, quite simplistic Punk Alternative Black Metal. Strange, isn't it? It is, and I tell you it's unlike something you've heard before, it's raw, unprofessional, sloppy, and experimental to the bone, so you'll either hate it to bits and stop it a couple of minutes in, or give it a chance (or more) and begin to actually enjoy it. At first I was inclined to skip it, but after a few spins I grew to enjoy it more than many other polished releases out there, it has that early Mayhem / Darkthrone rawness, ingenuity and passion to it, and although it's a young man behind this moniker, I hope he won't abandon the project anytime soon and keep releasing such filth.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10