Country: Italy
Title: Forvm Ivlii
Label: Independent
Year: 2018
Style: Melodic Death Metal

The Gates of Doom from Italy are far from being a Doom Metal band like their name might mislead you, instead their second EP presented here offers a combination of Melodic Death Metal with Epic Power Metal and even some Folk Metal touches if I'm not venturing too far. The three tracks are a bit less than 20 minutes in length, and talk about the home region of the band, Friuli, which to me seems like a pretty inspired topic for a concept EP, too bad they didn't include a booklet with lyrics so one could be involved in the whole atmosphere better. There are two other aspects I don't particularly like, namely the synthetic sounding drums (most probably programmed and not recorded live in a studio), and the lack of some very fast passages, except a tentative of double bass drumming on the last track, which might give the band a better impact live, but these are things that can be easily corrected, the important thing is this EP is pretty catchy and offers some good moments to enjoy by the audience, a good step forward for a young band, now it's time for a debut album I guess.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10