It was quite a challenge to interview Senmuth because most of the information I found about this one-man band was in Russian, which is not exactly one of the easiest languages to understand. Senmuth is a surprising artist that has over 111 released albums... he shared with Pest Webzine a few of his secrets... please read on to learn more about this talent!

When did the project Senmuth begin and why?
Sooner or later all projects begin. On the question "why" there are many answers, and it is possible to speak about each one extensively.

Most of the information about Senmuth available on the internet is written in Russian. Don’t you think it doesn’t help the project considering that most people don’t understand Russian?
Maybe so. But I have no people who can publish information about the project on foreign sites.

Your most recent release is titled 111 111111 x 111 111111. Why? By the way, have your ever calculated the product of that multiplication? 
Names have to be interesting and volumous, they have to provoke emotions and intrigue, and certainly not to be banal.

This album is a specific instrumental experiment that was self released.  How do you finance your releases? Your own money or do you get endorsements?
In the music I put only the finance.

From 2004 to 2012 you released 111 albums as a solo artist. So in those 108 months, you released 111 albums which basically is more than one per month! How is this possible?
If  that already happened, it means it is indeed possible. The development of creativity and its ways are even an enigma for the artist!

Plus you’real so involved in other projects and cooperate with Russian musicians... what’s your daily routine like? Do you get any sleep at all?
Lately I very seldom cooperate with colleagues.

You’re the metal solo artist with more released albums. Where does all this inspiration come from? Are youtrying to se tany kind of record here?
My source of inspiration is my life, my hobbies, how I perceive our world.

You are in projects that pretty much cover the whole metal genre spectrum. What are your main musical influences?
I am interested in different music, and I spend a lot of time listening to it. I listen to everything… from quiet and weakening music to aggressive and heavy one.

You use the peruvian flute, kena, duduk and other variations of the flute. These are not usually used in the metal music. How did the idea of incorporating such sounds come to life?
I always tried to do something different from everybody else. I use different virtual and live musical instruments to record.

Being from Russia, what’s the main difficulty you find in playing metal? Are Russian people open minded towards metal?
Russian people love metal but they also know how to appreciate different music, especially in musical events.

You are a self-taught musician... when did your love and interest  for music begin? 
Everything began in my early school years, there was a wish to be recognized, but only recently did I understand that there was a true need to create music for the sake of art, instead of fame and recognition.

How hard was it learning to play all by yourself? What’s was your learning method?
It took me a long while to get to where I am now, it was a long and difficult process, but it is my way and I’m glad of everything that happened to me.

According to the metal archives, you took your ""stage name" from Senemut, an Egyptian 18th dynasty architect and government official who is speculated to have been the lover of the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut.” Why have you opted for this alias?
I love the Egyptian history and I realised that this name (its variation) was suitable for the project name.

You said that you can’t work on long projects, because you lose interest fast, so most of your projects get done quickly, spontaneously. So is it correct to say that you basically release all the work you do without dedicating too much attention and time to it, hence the huge number of releases?!
Yes, it  is so! For a short period of time, most of my subconscious energy is splashed out in creativity. If I use more time than it is necessary, the pure art is displaced in an area of technical process, and it isn't so good.

Can you describe the typical fans of Senmuth?
Clever, wise and purposeful people who see the beauty of the world!

Has Senmuth had many live experiences or is it more of a studio project?
Senmuth is only a studio project. There are no performances, no concerts and no presentations. Senmuth is only sounding in your soul.

How big is Senmuth in Russia?
It is widely known in narrow circles.

On November 3rd 2012, you also released a photo album called "Greatness of Ruins: Egypt: View of Eternity". Are you passionate about photography as well? Are you planning on releasing another photo album in the future?
Yes I am keen on photography as well and also on my trips to Egypt for the purpose of studying the Egyptian history and being inspired for music and creativity. Maybe I will publish another photo album but, most likely, it will be a book.

Is it correct to say that you are a fan of Egypt and its culture considering that you use an aliás taken from an Egyptian character and  the photo album is about Egypt as well?!
Yes, it is a strong symbol, and this is my combination of signs.

Last words…
Many thanks for the questions, it was very interesting!!! 

Interviewed by Sonia Fonseca
February 2013