Hell-o! Let’s start from the beginnig, from your first demo called „... And They Will Leave Only Remains...”. Do you remember these times?
Bigos: Hell-o! Yes of course we remember this time and it’s nice that somebody remember this tape too. It was in 2001 when we came to garage studio to register 5 songs for our first demo tape. It was very funny times – we were very excited that we can register this stuff. In our meaning it was most brutal material done by any other band in our town. Finally this demo tape received very good opinions and opened way to record our first LP Conquer & Rule in 2002.

Both of your two albums, „Conquer & Rule” from  2002 and the fresh stuff „Serve No One” are „a half of hour” materials...
AD Gore: One of the general rules in our music is avoid any moments that could be borning to the listener. That's why we rather prefer very short songs and our albums are about half an hour long. But look at Slayer's "Reign in Blood" - it is 28 minutes long album and it kicks ass. We  do the same way. Our music is so intense and brutal that 30 minutes is all we need to devastate the maniacs. Any minutes more than this duration would be just a corpse profanation.

That were 10 long years between these albums... Centurion released two another demos in this time. What happened else? 
AD Gore: In fact this was the same stuff called "Sacrilege" released as a promo CD and once more in the form of spilt CD with Gortal. Apart from this release we have just played death metal on undergorund gigs, drinking vodka, having sex with beatiful women and doing all those things that metalheads use to do.

Let’s talk about Centurion’s lyrics. That’s absolutely merciless stuff, you destroyed christianity myths, lows etc. Your inspiration are still stabil during these 10 years?
AD Gore: Our lyrics are just a supplement to the music which is the most important part of what we create. Our music is just a fucking bestial wave of death. If there would be any possibility to make somebody hurt with death metal, Centurion is a good choice. That's why our lyrics are extreme. Yes that's right - we despise christianity but it is not the only topic of our texts. War, bloody ancient battles, violence - those things are our inspiration as well. The idea is pretty simple - the shit should be as extreme as it's possible.

Bands called „Centurion” we can meet in Serbia, Great Britain, some in USA, in Venezuela.. Have you ever any contact with these bands?
AD Gore: We don't care about this situation a lot. We do our stuff , they do their stuff and nobody has ever tried to be in any kind of touch because of the same name. We don't have any problem with this. We are Centurion. This Centurion. The heavy as hell and brutal as fuck death metal machine from Poland. Nice to meet you.

He, he, OK!!! Let’s come back to your the newest album „Serve No One”,  this CD is kicking ass !!! Please tell about the whole story from A to Z, about concept of this album, about act of creation, and finally about oficial  release. That was a long time of work...
AD Gore: "Serve No One" contains ten tracks. Some of them are very old songs, composed even ten years ago, some of them are pretty fresh but in general it's a solid death metal blast and that was our goal from the very beginning. There was no such thing as a "concept". The idea was to make something really powerful. Our music is a concept in itself. The recording session took place in Warsaw, Progresja studio, which is our friended place and the conditions and capabilities are very good too. We started in 2010, finished in 2011, the recording session was pretty hard, in the meantime I had an awful leg injury and medical operation, we were looking for the good label and all those several reasons bore fruit with such long period between "Sacrilege" and "Serve No One". Then finally the LP was released by Psycho Records and I can say that we're very satisfied with this cooperation as far.

Do you agree that the metal band can’t exist without the gigs? What about Centurion’s gigs? Let’s talk about the most funf**kin’tasting gig in Centurion long life – and about the worst too... Do you remember?
AD Gore: Yes, I do agree. If you play death metal you should play live as often as it's possible. On the concerts the energy of the music is getting really strong... Honestly I don't remeber any single gig that we should regret. I know that maybe what I will say may be interpreted as huge words but I'm sure that we are good in what we do and getting better continuously. What can I describe as a success is our gig with Immolation in 2008. I remember Ross Dolan and Robert Vigna under the stage applauding. I don't know - maybe they were drunk hehehehe... But you have to know that Immolation are one of the most important bands for us. It was a great honour to be appreciated by the people that had such fundamental impact on us.

What about the nearest future plan? 
AD Gore: Currently we're about to finish works on our live video clip for the song "No One To Serve". Then we're going to play some gigs in Poland, but we'd like to visit the other countries as well. Then in summer we're going to create our first ever made vide clip, and in the autumn we will inter the studio to record a mini album, as we would like to record anything before the apocalypse will com in the end of 2012.

At the end -  some words for metal maniac supporters from Centurion...
AD Gore: Support extreme metal wherever you are, be strong, sincere and fuck all trends. Thanks for your attention!

CENTURION current line-up:

Caesar – voc.
AD Gore – guit., voc.
Bigos - guit., voc.
Blacha - bass 
Demon – drums

PSYCHO records


Interview by Vilcin
Answers by Bigos and AD Gore

April 2012

Email: contact@pestwebzine.com