Country: Spain
Title: Zeitgeist
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2019
Style: Heavy Power Metal

Although this band was founded back in 2000 in Argentina, they relocated to Spain one year later and ever since released 6 full-length albums including this one, the first on Art Gates Records. Fans of Heavy Power Metal, especially Spanish speaking, should be aware of the band for sure as they've had their fair share of success so far and as this new album clearly shows, the story isn't over, on the contrary. 8 tracks in almost 40 minutes of melodic, keyboards infused Heavy Power Metal using all patterns of the genre one can think of, including passages where each member of the band shows what he's capable of when it comes to musicianship. The vocal part is where I have my problems with this album; the main vocalist is excellent, being able to keep his melodic tone steady and powerful throughout the album, but when the bassist kicks in with his backing vocals that are actually lead vocals as well on a screaming tone, I don't get it. The two vocals don't work well together unless the screaming vox are in the background for real not only "on paper", with the current setup it sounds like a competition between them even though they are totally different. That's the part I don't enjoy on this album, it's actually annoying, but to be honest the rest is absolutely top-notch; from the multiple melodic layers of keyboards, to the fantastic guitar solos, to the repetitive, heavy and catchy riffs, to the bass lines that keep the backbone of the compositions even adding occasional upfront passages, and finally to the spot on drumming that to me just sounds perfect all the way, Dragonfly have succeeded in building a World-class album, one that will most probably satisfy their fans and gain them more exposure.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10