Country: France
Title: Forged Faith Bleeding
Label: Epictural Production
Year: 2019
Style: Death Metal

Death Metal quartet from Bordeaux, France, founded in 2017, Iron Flesh is made of musicians with serious experience in the Black and Death Metal scene, and here we have their debut full-length album following two previously released EPs. 9 tracks in 37 minutes of old-school Death Metal, a mix between the Swedish scene (Grave, Dismember, old At The Gates) and the US scene (Autopsy, Immolation) plus a little hint of UK Grind spice (Carcass, Napalm Death), not an original feat, I know, but built and executed with obvious conviction and honesty, it's clear they love what they did here even though this is not their only band, and it is also clear they have experience, the technical level displayed here is something that will impress the listeners. Well balanced between fast and totally devastating passages and melodic, melancholic even guitar driven parts, and sinister, horror-like mid-tempo moments, Forged Faith Bleeding is more varied than you initially think, it doesn't have a certain track to stand out from the rest, but it is definitely an enjoyable release for fans of old-school Death Metal; even the production is clear but somehow raw and definitely dirty like the beginning to mid '90's. Released in Digipak CD format with 8 pages booklet.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10