Country: Greece
Title: Towards the Damned
Label: Alcyone Music
Year: 2018
Style: Heavy Metal

Formed in 2016 as Serpent lord, the Thessaloniki based Heavy Metal group added (Gr) to their moniker in 2018 probably based on the fact there are other bands with this name outthere too. The same year they managed to release their debut album, after a very promising demo from 2017, and here I have this debut album, a 10 tracks effort clocking 40 minutes of epic and occult I'd say Traditional Heavy Metal; actually the lyrics point more towards the Doom Metal area than Heavy Metal, and constitute some of the best features of this album "painting" historical and mythical stories to the listener. The instrumental part follows the patterns of this genre but there's plenty to enjoy in both composition and execution, we're treated with many rhythm changes, catchy riffs, tasteful solos, a powerful rhythm section and on top of that a vocal part that swings between epic clean chants as main and high pitched and melodic at the same time Heavy Metal screams in support here and there. It's all pretty classic, nothing surprising, but it's well done, expressive, well thought, and sop close to that "true" classification that I'm sure fans of the genre will appreciate it to the bone, at least this sounds way better (and has an at least decent vocal section) than a few of the current "heroes" of this Heavy Metal revival thing going on at the moment, hopefully the band will have the strength and will to support this album live and eventually followup with an even better one.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10