Country: Italy
Title: Face the Giant
Label: Vacula Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

I met this band's music exactly 2 decades ago, when I remember their debut demo had quite an impact on me, not only through their uncompromising Black Metal, but also through the booklet of their cassette, a ton of yellow was used in it, something not so usual back then. Anyway, I had a nice surprise when I got this new album of theirs from Vacula, it's cool they have remained active all these years and also that they've kept loyal to their roots. So what we get here are 8 tracks of fast paced Black Metal highlighted by the piercing shrieks of Vastis (almost industrialized sounding I'd say, so not easy to digest, be forewarned!), two guitarists that work well together, a drummer that's all over the place demonstrating serious abilities, and a bass line that's mostly supportive in the background, but here and there it comes up to the surface and fuckin' slays you, just listen to Rivers of Decay where I initially thought the band will go Crust Death Metal or Sludge, that's how brutal the bass sounds. Although the music is ice-cold and dangerous all the time on this album, the guitar leads harmonies give that color and individuality to each track in order to avoid boredom. Not a groundbreaking album, but definitely well-done, honest and direct, and one to freeze your blood and open your apettite for more of this devilish music (in that case I'd also recommend this band's previous works), released in a cool gatefold digipak CD format with 12 pages booklet, so no expense was spared here, support!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10