Country: Sweden
Title: Imperial Fires
Label: Cryptorium Records
Year: 2020
Style: Death Metal

At first, seeing Rogga Johansson in this duo's line-up I thought this is another one of his countless projects, but it turns out he was just a guest to do vocals on this album and the project is actually lead by Nicke Olsson, an underground musician active in the scene since the end of the '80's, one that has seen every stage of the Swedish Death Metal history. The two of them recorded these 10 tracks, and each track has a guitarist invited to do the leads, members of bands like Bleeding Utopia, Chainsaw, Paganizer, or Darkane; in the meantime One Day In Pain seems to have become a full line-up band, don't know how stable such a line-up started in the pandemic can be, but we'll see. At first I have to say I don't like the production that much, I would have liked the guitars a bit more upfront as the drums and bass lines are often are burying the riffs, and then I would have liked it to be a bit heavier to cope with the compositions, then the vocals are somehow monotone, there's no versatility in them, and after a while they become obsolete even if you know the geat Rogga is behind those sounds. Old-school Swedish Death Metal is what we get here, not original or surprising in any way, but well executed, energetic and at times even catchy, with potential. The compositions are mainly crunchy and angry, if you're looking for something melodic look elsewhere, this is as classic and narrow-oriented (mostly) mid-tempo Death Metal as you can imagine.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10