Country: Russia
Title: Heresy
Label: NitroAtmosfericum Records
Year: 2021
Style: Punk Grunge Garage Rock

SiN from Astarium has this other project called Wendigo, and even if you're familiar with one of them you'll know for sure the other is run by the same person, both have the same synthetic / midi-like sound to them that's SiN's trademark. Unlike Astarium I really don't dig Wendigo's music, it's totally out of my territory, a mix of Grunge, Punk and Garage Rock, faaaaar away from the Metal I pay daily, so I couldn't say if its any good or not, but if you decide to give it a chance you should know it's completely PC made, sung in Russian and the evil looking cover artwork will probably made you think you're going to deal with an evil sounding material, it's  not, it might at best be an angry one, even a dark one, but far from being any evil. Sorry, I'm just bored by it, not at all my cup of tea, but if you're into the above-mentioned genres you might consider giving this one a try, I can assure you it have a particular, original sound you probably never experienced before.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10