Country: Germany
Title: Insomnia (Special Edition)
Label: Echozone
Year: 2020
Style: Folk Gothic Metal

This fifth Thanateros album was initially released in 2019, but I guess they wanted to celebrate the 2nd decade of activity by re-releasing it via Echozone featuring the 13 initial tracks plus 4 of them as bonus tracks in instrumental form, so the overall contents is 17 tracks for an impressive 75 minutes length. I'm not familiar with the band's material so far, but it seems they've left out most of their Folk influences out from this album although they've kept violin as a main and very important instrument in the overall composition and a bit of whistles here and there, hence the Irish/Celtic Folk touches remained, and instead they blended more Gothic Rock with Dark Metal towards a result that to me personally reminds of early Love Like Blood, but with a bit more hooks and catchiness and with a more potent impression given by the violin, obviously. There's a lot to embrace here, the compositions are infectious, memorable, very cleverly built so that if you give it the time, the album will grow on you as you progress through it; at the same time there's enough variety to "hit" a wider audience, some tracks are slower, some are rougher, some are pure and simple Goth Rock danceable frenzy, the common aspect might be the catchiness and the warm yet dark atmosphere surrounding all tracks. Honestly I have enjoyed it a ton, I feel like this band is probably not getting all the attention it deserves, but hopefully that will change once the new album will be released, they have already recorded and announced On Fragile Wings for a 2022 release. In the meantime if you're into Gothic Rock, Dark Metal, Folk Metal, or the likes do yourseves a favor and check out this album, you might like it as much as I did.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10