Country: France
Title: Lost Individual Thoughts
Label: Independent
Year: 2018
Style: Hardcore Thrash Death

Founded in 2017 Prismeria already hits the scene with its debut EP featuring 6 tracks and clocking 25 minutes of playing time. We're being served a combination of Thrash, Death and Hardcore that frankly takes my mind to the '90's when there was so much Funk thrown inthere to spice things up, and basically that's what Prismeria are doing, too. Mid-tempo to fast paced tracks with plenty of energy to transmit to the listener, good production, all in all nothing major one can complain, it sounds fun and quite fit for live gigs which is best since this band seems eager to start playing live as much as they can, and they did, already announcing a full European tour for the second part of 2019 in support of their debut album that's scheduled for this Summer. As a debut EP, from a debuting band, with debuting musicians Lost Individual Thoughts sounds damn convincing and promising for a bright future; I'm curious to see how the band will evolve in the near future.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10