Country: Norway
Title: Minna fra Nordland
Label: Isfjellhav Records
Year: 2018
Style: Black Doom Thrash Metal

Strange thing, this debut album by Norge quartet Skadefro was recorded in Norway but mixed and mastered in Argentina, but looking closer we see one of the band members being originally from this country, or still living in Argentina, don't know. Anyway, we're treated here with only 6 tracks but the duration is half an hour, so calling it a full-length is on the edge but legit though. Mid-tempo Black Metal with plenty of Doom and Thrash Metal influences, slipping into a Black'n'Roll at times, highlighted by an organic production, a guitar work that doesn't necessarily follow Black Metal patterns all the time, but overall can be pinpointed to this category. Then a vocal that sounds like a hoarse goblin so this is a tricky one, you'll either accept and maybe like it, or totally hate it. The Black'n'Roll parts are catchy and probably the strongest in Skadefro's music, but the Doom influenced parts are somehow dusty and might make the listener loose focus, but the good side of their music is the tracks are quite varied and surprising enough to keep the interest high, so there's little chance of monotony. If you like your Metal like a big melting pot of different sub-genres, with an organic production without too many gimmicks, give this one a try, it's released on digital and digipak CDR formats.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10