First of all, congratulations for this latest album, by far an interesting material of good quality of gothic - doom ,will you please tell us the story of the band and what inspired you to enter the realm of gothic – doom?
Thanks a lot for the appreciation of our new album! The band exists since 2008 – it was the year when the first songs were written and recorded and the first concert was given – but only in 2015 it has taken its final form as a duo.  I play the guitar and sing – and I am also responsible for the music and lyrics (with some exceptions though).

What where the inspirations for your new creations?
First, that I want to remark is that when I was that when I was building the band, my aim was to make a band for which I will write lyrics – so, you can see that writing the lyrics is a very important part of creative work for me. The main origin of my inspiration is different stories and situations with which I have to encounter during my everyday life – I am a forensic pathologist by profession, so, you may see that I don’t have to seek for the inspiration to create sick and grotesque things as I do. And so are the topics – my lyrics are about insanity, mental disorders, suicide and so on. Some of them are connected with concrete people, like A Note In Her Hands which was written under the impression of a suicide of a 16-years old girl, or Of Lust And Repentance from so-called single (a song about a maniac). My lyrics conception (as I believe) may be characterized as Decadence and I consider Charles Baudelaire my teacher – long ago I was impressed very much by his idea of praising mad and disgusting things in perfect poetic forms and now this idea is a basis of my lyrics conception. I try to write graceful lyrics about morbid things.

Would you be so kind to explain what every song is all about?
I don’t think it’s a very good idea – especially taking into consideration the fact that 3 of  6 lyrics are actually poems by Aleister Crowley.

It is hard to write a conceptual album?
I don’t know – I haven’t tried it yet.

The production is very good, how was the studio time?
Dead Language was produced by Max Morton – one of the best European sound producers famous for his work with Jinjer. We’re very proud to work with him throughout 7 years and 5 albums – it’s really as good as it can possibly be in this imperfect world. Dmitry Kim recorded drums for the album and also did his part of the job as an assistant sound engineer – together they created the sound that I’m very satisfied with.

What can we expect from your new album, will be in the same line with your latest?
Definitely not – it’s much better! Just kidding. We’re constantly evolving and so evolves our sound engineer – as a result, none of our albums are much alike.

What hobbies do you have except music, by the way your favorite musicians are?
Honestly, at the moment I don’t have hobbies at all – I simply don’t have time for it. The most important bands for me are My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Moonspell and Diary of Dreams – but, of course I am a big music lover and I listen to hundreds of different bands and artists, and try to find some new ones every day.

The cover illustration is interesting, whose ideas was it and what's the meaning of it?
The artwork was created by our friend Olga Kann from Belarus – we gave her absolute freedom in this matter, so, all the praise should be hers. Obviously, the cover represents a simulacrum of Dead Language – something that had great value in the past but became obsolete now.

In the end, you have the final word for all our readers…
It may look (and most likely looks) otherwise but the support of our fans is really important to us.  

Interview by Ionut Dimitriev

January 2022