Country: Italy
Title: Nebra
Label: Dusktone
Year: 2021
Style: Atmospheric Doom Black Metal

Ok, this makes sense: three members of Deadly Carnage formed this band in 2012, and although both bands evolve within the realms of modern Black Metal, they are miles apart for trained ears, and the most striking difference is in Alexios Ciancio's vocals, where in Deadly Carnage he mostly uses clean vocals lately, in Omega he turns into one hell of a tormented dude screaming his lungs out all the way throughout the new album. Nebra is Omega's second opus, a material made of only 4 tracks but totalling almost an hour of music where heavily repetitive, ritualistic Black Metal frenzy meets Atmospheric Drone and Doom magic. Most of the time the compositions are claustrophobic, extremely heavy and dense, leaving the listener no way out, but once in a while there are some dives into the most comforting, warm, melodic passages that raise the overall impact of the album to excellent heights, a very clever way of enhancing the overall concept, an incursion in the most hidden mysteries of the World, and here I also have to mention the excellent digipak and booklet artwork that works hand in hand with this concept, unveiling it to the listener. My favorite track, both musically and lyrically, is the last one, Quadraginta, a track that I believe holds the quintessence of what Omega is all about at this point in time. Overall this is a hard to penetrate album, highly abrasive at first, but extremely revealing as it progresses, a real journey of sounds.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10