Country: Italy
Title: The Walls of Madness
Label: Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion
Year: 2021
Style: Thrash Metal

Italy's main Metal export these days seems to be Thrash Metal, or at least that's how it looks from the underground, there are so many Thrash bands popping out in Italy or others that are continuing the tradition, that it seems this is the most popular Metal genre over there. And they do their craft with class, I can tell you, and Ireful are another example of successful '80's fashioned Thrash Metal revivalists. A mix of Exodus, Tankard, Vio-Lence and even old Metallica here and there, the debut EP from Ireful features 5 tracks in 23 minutes of playing time, characterized by some fast paced rhythms with occasional slower and darker passages, an overall horror atmosphere given by the lyrics (and the excellent cover artwork) but also due to some heavier riffs here and there, some excellent guitar solos, and a killer production. 4 of the tracks are way over 4 minutes in playing time, and one is jus close to 2 minutes, so in my opinion they should work their upcoming tracks around the 3 minutes mark, there's a reason most major hits are around that mark. But except that, I'd say Ireful have produced an excellent debut EP, very expressive, energetic, convincing, if they continue delivering such good quality material I'm sure they'll have a bright future among the old-school Thrash Metal heads out there. This EP was released by a lot of labels, in all formats, but what I have here is a very good looking jewel-case CD by Defense / Mythrone, go grab one!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10