Country: Sweden
Title: The Mire
Label: Iron, Blood & Death Corp.
Year: 2019
Style: Dark Ambient

Ok, this has a curious story behind: apparently this album is made of two EPs which were intended for the Skeletal Spectre discography, but since they both sound so far away from what the Doom Death ensemble used its followers, Rogga Johansson (yes, he's the man behind this project, too!) and IBDC decided to release it under a different moniker and as a debut album instead of two EPs. What we get here is 8 tracks in a bit over 40 minutes of playing time unveiling an epic, fairytale-like soundscape a la '90's (no vocals, no other instruments other than keys and synths), when it was an invasion of such projects coming mostly from Black Metal artists that wanted to expand their horizons into other territories. So it's a simplistic music, quite ingenuous I'd say, but if you like music that goes hand in hand with dragons, knights, castles, dungeons, and nature, it will make it a fine, escape from the nowadays overproduced music. Just very, very different from what this Swedish old-school Death Metal maniac used us to so far.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10