Country: France
Title: First Desekration
Label: Atavism Records
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

Young quartet from the capital of France, Funeral Desekrator present us here their debut demo made of 5 tracks, a mostly fast paced mix of Thrash and Black Metal. The guitar riffs are quite generic, good enough to keep you banging, but you've heard them all many times before, so nothing special in that area; if there would have been more catchy leads or a few solos maybe I would have had another opinion, but although headbanging-friendly in this current state I find them stale. The drums sound pretty organic, so if they are programmed the guy who did this is good, but they sound like recorded live by a real maniac, so a positive element from my point of view, and the same goes for the bass lines, quite subtle but heavy enough to contribute to the overall atmosphere of FD's music. The vocalist is trying his best, he has a good, sharp, evil tone balancing between shrieks and growls, but that's not enough to make the whole interesting though. The fast parts are good, but when things slow down you start noticing they're not quite ready to do the jump to a full length album, they need some more time in the rehearsal studio and maybe they can offer something more impressive next time.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10