Band: JADE
Country: International
Title: Smoking Mirror
Label: Pulverised Records
Year: 2020
Style: Atmospheric Death Metal

You have to let yourself loose and fully concentrate on this band's music in order to get it. I don't think this is an easy listening, and if played in a hurry it doesn't have any effect on the listener. The debut EP by German/Spanish trio Jade features 4 tracks and clocks a bit over 20 minutes, but it seems that was enough to convince Pulverised to release it in CD and vinyl format, and probably to offer them an album deal as well. We're treated with some obscure sounding, psychedelic at times, atmospheric Death Metal with occasional Doom Death incursions, highlighted by some prominent guitar leads that make the backbone of their music, growling vocals as main supported by distant shouts here and there, and an overall sinister, crepuscular and tense atmosphere. There aren't many moments where the listener is offered something else, basically you see it all coming, and the strength of the EP rely on the above-mentioned highlights, not on the compositions themselves. As a four tracks EP having such little variation (at least on the surface) is ok, but unless they manage to find something to surprise the listener on a supposedly upcoming full-length album I think they will have a hard time convincing. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10