Country: Germany
Title: Wintergedanken
Label: Satanath / Slaughterhouse
Year: 2017
Style: Epic Black Metal

Young duo from Germany founded in 2016, Tyakrah present themselves to the World through this debut full-length album, a 7 tracks effort clocking close to 40 minutes of melodic, introspective, melancholic and at the same time cold and abrasive Black Metal. The main attraction point of this material is definitely the lead guitar work, from leads to solos all is done with good taste and plenty of imagination and competence, so from this point of view we've got a winner in Tyakrah, but the rest isn't that good unfortunately. The vocals are ok when on the Black Metal shrieks mode, pretty vicious and cold as ice, but when they venture into clean tonalities it's almost a disaster. The drums are programmed, so expect synthetic sounds and feeling, and the guitar riffs are nothing special although nothing to be ashamed of either. So all in all we've got a mediocre release, but one that shines through the lead guitar work (really worth a listen from this perspective) and also one that offers good atmospheres, I forgot to mention three tracks from the 7 featured here are keyboard based, they remind me of the '90's when keyboards were still used to enhance the atmosphere, not mellow down the music. Hope they'll manage to fix some things for the next opus.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10