Country: Italy
Title: The Great Dance of the Spirit
Label: Sliptrick Records
Year: 2020
Style: Progressive Hard'n'Heavy

The third Lucid Dream album I have the chance to review here, and to me it seems the band is trying to bring in as many more Progressive touches as they can while still keeping their old-school touch; they always had that Prog touch, but now it is brought forward a bit more than before. Lucid Dream's fourth studio album offers 12 tracks in almost an hour of playing time, so they've used the four years between their latest albums for good purpose, their fans will have plenty to enjoy on the new album. The production on the new album is their best so far, absolutely crystal-clear, warm and cozy, goes perfectly hand in hand with the smooth song-writing, and I also feel it has a good balance between enhancing the softer and the harder sides of Lucid Dream's music. Actually one cannot say this is a soft album as it cannot consider it a heavy Metal album either, it fits right in between as it does with the old-school and progressive orientation, , which leads me to say the first word that comes to mind after the audition is "balance", think of a meeting point of influences from Dream Theater, Scorpions (the vocals resemble quite a lot), Pink Floyd, Rush and Bon Jovi and you'll get some sort of a direction the band is heading towards.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10