Country: Poland
Title: Deaf Nite
Label: Defense Records
Year: 2018
Style: Thrash Metal

This EP comes with a very sad story behind it: Sebastian Wikar, the band's foudner and main composer, passed away unexpectedly in 2018 at just 22 years of age just after he finished planning the release of this demo and actually recorded some guitars on the title-track. It's very good the band decided to keep recording and releasing this material in memory and honor of the one who composed all music and wrote all lyrics for it. The CD booklet also features a brief statement from the band and one from Sebastian's parents; damn, I can;t even imagine how they must have felt... Anyway, I hope the band will continue making music and keep Sebastian's memory alive in the band's folowers' minds. 
This EP is made of 4 tracks totaling almost 20 minutes of playing time, a solid, old-school to the bone, intoxicating Thrash Metal experience heavily influenced by the greats of the scene starting with Megadeth, early Metallica or Testament. Highlighted by fast paced rhythms balanced with softer, guitar driven moments to emphasize the atmosphere, excellent guitar riffs and even better solos, a funky at times, heavy and metallic at other bass line and a vocalist that's not over the top but does a very good job nonetheless, Pandemic's music is catchy and entertaining, steady-flowing despite its rhythm changes, which proves Sebastian was a great musician and composer. An excellent material, highly recommended for fans of '80's Thrash Metal.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10