Country: Italy
Title: War
Label: Another Side Records
Year: 2019
Style: Symphonic Black Death Metal

From Northern Italy comes Ades Numen, a trio of former Cruenta Lacrymis members without Elena Crivellaro, the singer, and that seemingly continues the same Symphonic Extreme Metal path which can only lead to the thought that Elena was the reason or at least part of the reason they started playing under this new moniker. This is their debut full-length album, a 10 tracks effort clocking a bit over 40 minutes of playing time of mid-tempo to (mostly) fast paced Symphonic Black Death Metal that personally it constantly reminded me of Game of Thrones for some reason, of the different brutal wars that took place most of the time in the award-winning series. The instrumental part is very good, technical, varied, expressive and well structured in order to offer the listener a complete experience, a heavy and dark atmosphere. Unfortunately I feel the vocals are not up to par with the instrumental part; although I have nothing to complain about the tone (very grave, commending, perfect for Metal, and I'm sure the guy is a beast live), their lack of variation leads to monotony, and the fact they are mixed so in front of everything only adds to the dullness from my point of view. As an example the track Revenge Doll has some varied vocals parts and probably that's why I find it the best on this album, but it's not enough for me to enjoy the whole album in full; a couple of tracks and then I loose interest... Try it yourselves though.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6.5/10