Country: USA
Title: Blasphemed Betrayal
Label: Careless Records
Year: 2019
Style: Death Metal

When it's about an Extreme Metal trio, I'm always amazed of how much organized chaos and devastation can such a restricted line-up can create... well, those that can do it, obviously, and Dismembered Carnage are one of those bands. This is their second studio album, 4 years distance from their debut full-length, 10 tracks (a bit over half an hour) of serious and unaltered brutality that reminded me of Deicide, but a modern, up to date version of the old Deicide, with passages of Brutal Death Metal and even Technical Death Metal, extremely well cadenced and memorable guitar riffs supported by a fat sounding rhythm section, and fronted by a growling yet comprehensive vocal that at some parts is seconded by bestial screams just like Benton used to do back in the good days. And here I have to add the blasphemous, venom spitting lyrics, on the same Deicide line again, so if you're not fond on the Florida Death Metal gods, you'll better skip this, but if you're into it don't hesitate to give this a try, those Brutal Death and Tech Death influences make it a bit more than a copycat and it's also well performed and catchy, so half an hour of good satanic fun not fit for the weak. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10