Country: Italy
Title: Fauci tra fauci
Label: Third-I-Rex
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

What a strange name for a Black Metal band, but wait until you hear their music, which is even stranger; well maybe strange is not the right term to describe their music, but interesting would be something to start from. Laetitia in Holocaust (LiH) are a duo around since 2001, and this is their third full-length album, the first released on a label since the previous two were independent releases. They combine a lot of different shades and shapes of Black Metal, from post to atmospheric, from brutal to technical, and from melancholic to razor-sharp cold, into something that keep you glued to the release from start to finish. At times, when things start to become familiar and somehow predictable, they change everything in an unexpected way hence the surprising element is always present in LiH's music. The main attraction I'd say are the bass lines, so upfront in the mix and so influential on the whole atmosphere that it's basically impossible not to notice them. The album is by no means an easy to digest, simplistic one, on the contrary, it's way more complicated and complex than expected, almost to a Progressive level, very technical and demanding, so only the initiated will appreciate it in full, that's for sure. Released in CD format with 12 pages booklet featuring all lyrics.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10