Country: Hungary
Title: Letters from the Edge
Label: Hammerheart Records
Year: 2018
Style: Atmospheric Black Death Metal

The new album of Sear Bliss album is, for me, another confirmation of what I have known for a long time, that Hungarian music, whether it's metal or folk - or even a disco music is a stable and sensible monolith. And this is also the case with "Letters of The Edge". The proportion of blackened death metal chopped into progressive climates is just as perfect as the number of p. For this, the Hungarians threw in a pinch of folkmetal and, as always, a lot of the trombone, which makes the Sear Bliss atmosphere and irresponsibility. Thanks to this, the songs are unobvious sounding and give food for thought - the transition from "Forbidden Doors" through "Seven Springs" to "A Mirror of the Forest" (with great guitar solos) is black-folk-progmetallic riding without a stick where the full pair goes in a trombone not the whistle. There is a claw, there is a chaff, there is a mood, there is magic, there is a forest spirit, there is space and so on. These changes in moods definitely diversify the sound, softening the severity of black but without blunting the blades. With time, the pace slows down a little, stoner elements stuck here and there intersecting with art-rock guitars ("Heaven") to re-tone the sound wall ("The Main Divide") and go into the typical black ("Leaving Forever Land") mixed with schizoidally - nostalgic sounds from space. And then it is only (and so far) symphonic spaces. And this is classic and power!
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 9/10