Band: A.K.U.
Country: USA
Title: Visions
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: War Metal

A.K.U. (aggressive killer urge) hails from Florida and has been around since 2016 as a trio, and what we have here is their newest EP (more a demo than an EP if you ask me) released in digital format and also tape version limited to only 20 copies (all of them blood smeared!). 6 tracks in 25 minutes of playing time, a fast paced, brutal, uncompromising mix of Thrash, Black and Death Metal, or simply put War Metal. How to describe the music on this demo: look at the cover art and imagine the werewolf in plain battle chopping and hacking everything around him, the vocals sound like werewolf screams and the drums (especially the cymbals) like the machete hitting randomly. The guitar riffs are a bit too repetitive and generic, and there's where the band needs to work some more, but the energy and enthusiasm seem contagious and hopefully the band will keep producing such releases. If you're into War Metal check this demo out on Bandcamp and why not, ask them about the tape availability.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10