Country: Australia
Title: Blodison
Label: Total Darkness Propaganda
Year: 2018
Style: War Black Metal

The second full-length album from Aussie Sanguinary Misanthropia initially released in 2016 on CD format, now released in 2018 on tape format by Total Darkness Propaganda, actually the first ever release by TDP. This is not the first time we meet Sanguinary Misanthropia inhere, the first time I reviewed their Diabolic Gnosis EP back in 2010, and then a Promo VCD in 2011, which I don't even think was an official release, or at least I don't know to this date if that was official or just a bootleg. Anyway, we are treated here with a total unrelenting blodshed and apocalyptic soundscapes from start to finish, 8 tracks in almost 40 minutes of total hatred. Devastating War Black Metal meets a few Thrash and Death Metal influences here and there and results into some of the most repetitive, uncessant, diabolical sounds you'll hear in a while, this is fit for Bestial Metal followers (you know, the Blasphemy / Revenge / Archgoat / Bestial Warlust type of demented Metal), others might stay away as it has no melody at all to offer, no soft passages or atmospheric backgrounds, just pure and simple brutal attacks on all senses. Released on professional tape with pro-duplicated booklet, but missing the lyrics, and unfortunately noone will b e able to understand a word of what's sung here, so all listeners will have to rely solely on the tracks titles to get an idea of what the lyrical concept is here, and by the look of them the lyrics might be something worth reading...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10