Country: Spain
Title: Arrelats
Label: Independent
Year: 2021
Style: Death Metal

One of the most twisted band names I've come across lately, I can't even imagine how to pronounce their name correctly, but since this third album of theirs is sung entirely in Catalan language I guess the moniker in also something in Catalan, as well as the album title. Over 35 minutes of playing time, 7 tracks, packed in an independent Digipak CD release supported by the Blood Fire Death agency that has a solid name in the underground. Obviously I haven't heard of this band before, so their music was a surprise; apparently coming from a Melodic Death Metal background, Vrademargk got to a point where their new material is mostly brutal, abrasive and fast paced stuff with occasional semi-melodic inserts yet the production is more suited for Melodic Death Metal a la old Gothemburg style MeloDeath bands, not as heavy and explosive as the current Death Metal scene produces. The guitars deliver some of those Heavy Death Metal riffs combined with semi-melodic leads, but the rhythm section is the one that confers the oppressive feeling to this album, and the vocals, more hoarse than growling, like a Death metal version of Attila Csihar's vocals, are understandable enough for the band to make a serious impression on the Catalan speaking metalhead community, but outside of it I doubt they'll have much impact. Overall this is a good album, easy to follow and enjoy, but apart for the Catalan trademark there's not much to set the band apart from bands that sprung out in the beginning of the '00's from all over the World.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10