Country: Poland
Title: Torches
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: Post Metal

This band is around since 2008 and have released two full-length albums until now, so they might be between the veterans of the genre in their country I suppose. This new EP features 2 new tracks plus a cover version of Placebo's Without You I’m Nothing, all performed in an atmospheric, mesmerizing Post Metal manner based on intense drumming (if most of the times the drumming is technical but predictable, here and there some outbursts of speed are totally surprising), repetitive and crusty sounding guitar riffs, dark and catchy leads, a subtle but heavily influential bass line and a vocal part that swings between hoarse growls, screams and melodic clean vocals. And about the Placebo cover what can I say, since I'm far from being a Placebo fan I very much enjoy this version better than the original, although there's no competition, obviously. The presentation of this EP is stunning also: six panel Digipak CD housed in a slipcase, with embossed artwork, but unfortunately no booklet and no lyrics. Atmospheric Metal fans should really give this one a try!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10